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Nurturing Potentiality

Human beings possess potentiality, which means that they have an innate potential for growth, development and fulfillment.   It is this potentiality that Human First seeks to nurture.  Human First’s training programmes uses this inner-ability of people to move them from inability to empowerment.  It offers training with the intention of leaving people feeling good about themselves and revitalized. 
Among other things this inner-ability comprises the following: 
  • Capability – innate ability.
  • Response-ability – the ability to respond and react to situations and events.
  • Accountability – being answerable to oneself or someone else or for some duties or tasks that had to be performed.
  • Adaptability – the ability to cope with change.

Growth occurs in people when they choose to open themselves to the challenges that new knowledge (or new interpretations of knowledge) brings with it.  Human First’s training programmes do not shy away from these challenges.  Its courses will assist participants to reflect on their actions and their thinking.  Human values will be a thread that links all training activities. 

Human First's training programmes are outcomes-based and learner-centred.  The facilitation is interactive and includes a variety of methodologies. 

“Emancipate yourself from mental slavery none but ourselves can free our minds.”
from Redemption Songs by Bob Marley


Training Interventions